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Ann Clifford, Katrina Moss and Martina Nagel welcome you our website.

We are three dynamic women with a passion to see good story-telling translated into positive films that challenge and entertain mainstream audiences.

How we each contribute our skills and talents is just as important to us. We are committed to our working relationships, and we have always endeavoured to make each project as rewarding as possible for everyone involved. Cast and crew have always treated with respect and we aim for each person to be able to bring their individual skills to the table and to utilise them to the best of their abilities. Film is such a collaborative process, and everyone is important, from the runners to the producer.

Martina, Ann and I have different areas of interest, so our slate is very varied and includes the following genres: supernatural thriller, romantic comedy, historial drama, political thriller, love story and children's animation.

Although not currently trading as a production company, Ann and Martina are still working in the writing, directing and editing fields of the industry. If you would like to work in collaboration with either of them, please email me and I will forward on your details.


"Every so often a film comes along that turns out to be better
than you can possibly imagine. "Shaking Dream Land,"
a film I knew nil about, qualifies as one of those films. "

DVD Talk Review (USA)